Algorithms pushing content compound the risk from data collection, and other privacy & security news


It’s not just about the user data, but also about the content pushed by the algorithms

Where privacy exposures start to have serious life impacts:

More reports of tracking

For a more comprehensive review, take a look at Mozilla’s report *privacy not included

Actions to take to reduce the data leakage

'Milestone' Settlement Will Severely Limit Clearview AI's Ability to Profit Off Your Face

But this will not stop government use.


A security researcher easily found my passwords and more: How my digital footprints left me surprisingly over-exposed

So it’s a good idea to find other authentication methods: Apple, Google and Microsoft team up on passwordless logins

Decade-old bugs discovered in Avast, AVG antivirus software


As often, a lot of the action is in Europe:

There’s progress in the US, though, too: Stung by 3 court losses, ISPs stop fighting California net neutrality law

As data privacy laws expand, businesses must employ protection methods

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