Another case of corporate control of public services, and other privacy and security news


Apple has tight control over states' digital ID cards, exercising private corporate control over public services.

According to another approach, Decentralization may be key to protecting our digital identities

Here’s a scary discussion of the “uncommons”, where public discourse is controlled by private companies for profit: You Are the Object of a Secret Extraction Operation

It’s not likely to get better: Privacy predictions for Europe in 2022predict more surveillances of our work lives where There's been a big rise in monitoring workers at home. We should all be worried

Tim Berners-Lee Wants to Put Online Privacy on a Solid Foundation He’s got his work cut out for him!

Data broker shared billions of location records with District during pandemic, I one of the biggest recent personal data breaches.

In other attacks on our consumer privavy

It’s not all bad news, though!


Ransomware attacks and technologies continue to expand

With heavy payouts: Average ransomware payment for US victims more than $6 million, survey says

There is some pushback, though:

In other attacks,

Summarizing, here are some discouraging stats:

Not even the FBI is safe: FBI email servers were hacked to target a security researcher. Thankfully, FBI server sending fake emails taken offline and fixed, no data impacted

The tremendous damage is no surprise, given the great variety of vulnerabilities exposed:

While many of the biggest attacks target businesses, there is tremendous creativity in attacks on consumers as well:

Here are some US government actions looking to stem the tide:

Additionally, Researchers identify 'cybermercenary' group behind dozens of hacks


Congress is moving forward with some tech regulations:

In specific actions

Google doesn’t appear to be able to shake off their problems:

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