Another Pandora's box: can Alexa voice prints be used to fake identification? And other news


Another pandora’s box: Amazon's new pitch: let Alexa speak as your relatives from beyond the grave as service providers use voice prints to identify people!

Microsoft will phase out facial recognition AI that could detect emotions with all the other face reco offerings, does this still make a difference, or is it just virtue signaling?

More news about the latest spyware

Another case of careless software Mega says it can’t decrypt your files. New POC exploit shows otherwise

Just like with Google and Apple, the advertising profits are irresistible:

You will never be able to fully delete all traces of yourself but you can minimize it.


Hacker exploits Harmony blockchain bridge, loots $100M in crypto again, Internet quality software results in losses!

Hackers stole Social Security numbers in Flagstar data breach affecting 1.5 million customers and more traditional businesses don’t seem to do much better

and here are more vulnerabilities

Sometimes, there are consequences …


US senators ask FTC to investigate Apple and Google over mobile tracking

Google Drops Fight Against $500 Million Fine Over News Ad Revenue

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