Apple deferring their phone scans, and other privacy and security news


Again, Apple was the big story last week, probably not the way they’d prefer. As many have expected, Apple stalls CSAM auto-scan on devices after 'feedback' from everyone on Earth, slowing down on Apple’s dangerous path

For now, Apple will ask before it targets you with its ads in iOS 15. Let’s see how this works out. Also, Apple secures first states to support digital driver’s licenses, but privacy questions linger

FTC bans spyware maker SpyFone, and orders it to notify hacked victims and delete the data. How many others like SpyFone are out there?

As could have been foreseen when the data was created, Privacy advocates raise concerns about US-built biometric system for Afghans

FBI says Chinese authorities are hacking US-based Uyghurs

Lack of address MAC address randomization exposes Bluetooth wearers: Norwegian student tracks Bluetooth headset wearers by wardriving around Oslo on a bicycle

Bias persists in face detection systems from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Just to prove this, Facebook Apologizes After A.I. Puts ‘Primates’ Label on Video of Black Men

How does Google Chrome know where you want to go on the internet? By storing a lot of data about your activity.

How Much Would You Pay to Make Social Media Ad-Free? $780 / yr, and that does not even include search and e-mail! For a more detailed discussion of the data you give away, take a look at this blog series: How consumers feed the big tech, and how they could better participate in that value

Finally, NYC Considers Surveillance Law That Would Fine Drivers With Loud Cars. What else will they come up with?


As Labor Day approached, FBI, CISA warn of potential cyberattacks over holiday weekends

Here are some more specific warnings Don't want to get hacked? Then avoid these three 'exceptionally dangerous' cybersecurity mistakes which are topical, as

Amid a surge in ransomware attacks, cities are taking some of the biggest hits

Testament to the creativity of the attackers, here are some new attack vectors:


WhatsApp faces $267 million EU fine over Facebook data sharing transparency

EU says internet providers' zero-rating violates net neutrality

SEC fines eight investment firms for cybersecurity breaches that leaked client info

Tryting to stem the push for fast device obsolescence, Germany wants phone makers to offer 7 years of security updates.

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