Apple improves their privacy information, but the image search is not totally off the table


Apple continues to push on privacy: iOS 15.2’s App Privacy Report: How to turn it on, and what it all means. Given the noisy controversy about it, Apple Quietly Removes Mention of Anti-Child Porn System From Its Website However, a company spokesperson says Apple's plans for an anti-child porn system remain in place.

The use of biometric data is marching on

As can happen with all social media, Meta says 50,000 people were targeted by 'surveillance for hire' companies Trying to reduce the risk, Meta expands bug bounty program to reward discoveries of scraped data

Making opting out as hard as possible, Verizon tries to defend collecting browsing data on its network

The perils of personal data will only increase.


Last week we found out about some significant hacks

and new vulnerabilities were published as well

Meta removes accounts of spyware company Cytrox after Citizen Lab report on gov't hacks how many others are out there?

Not wanting to be left behind by the competition, Microsoft Teams adds end-to-end encryption for one-on-one calls


It looks like the FTC is getting started with their privacy agenda:

And the UK looks to deal with monopolistic behavior as well: Apple and Google have 'vice-like' grip on how we use smartphones. Users are losing out, says competition watchdog

On the enforcement side,

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