Apple's phone scanning discussion escalates, and other security & privacy news


The big news last week was the fallout from Apple’s photo scanning announcement. Here’s

Why Apple's child safety updates are so controversial. The discussion kept Apple pretty busy: Apple Will Keep Clarifying This CSAM Mess Until Morale Improves

Everything clear now? For additional insight, see this article: A 38-year-old charity will be integrated into Apple’s newest operating system

There was quite a bit more news about phone privacy, or the lack thereof.

Facebook’s blocking of researchers’ access to their statistics caused Senators to Demand Answers From Zuckerberg Over Suspended Researchers. After suspending Facebook data, Facebook shut down German research on Instagram algorithm, researchers say. Stonewalling all around!

There was news about other privacy invasions as well

Not satisfied with their in-house surveillance, Homeland Security may use companies to find extremism on social media, and NYPD secretly spent $159 million on surveillance tech

With all the discussion swirling around Huawei, Huawei accused of pressuring US firm into installing a data backdoor


The biggest hack announced last week turned out to be a curious story: Poly Network hackers potentially stole $610 million: Is Bitcoin still safe? But then Hacker returns more than $260 million in cryptocurrency after Poly attack

In other hacks

As usual, we see escalating vulnerabilities

On the business side of the attacks

After initially threatening the digital side of businesses, the attacks are starting to go after the industrial and physical side as well

Being a major target, Microsoft announces new ransomware detection features for Azure


In regulation, the big news was that Senate bill would stop Apple and Google’s complete control over in-app payments leading even to some hyperbole: A new Senate bill would totally upend Apple and Google’s app store dominance. Really?

In other news

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