Apple's phone scanning technology triggers broad privacy push-back, and other news


The big news last week was about Apple’s planned IOS function scanning people’s phones.

Apple will scan photos stored on iPhones and iCloud for child abuse imagery The reaction was pretty much negative all around.

Facebook disables accounts of NYU team looking into political ad targeting. Their excuse for this action was less than successful: FTC Slams Facebook for Lying About Why It Shut Down Misinformation Research

To further confuse people, Facebook changed its privacy settings again creating a plethora of settings that are hard to navigate for most users.

Consumer surveillance is getting worse:

As often happens in a technology arms race, Researchers Say They've Found a Wildly Successful Bypass for Face Recognition Tech


Last week’s news showed an incredible broadening of vulnerabilities

resulting in broad expectations of increased damage

There were some new attacks

After attacks, cybersecurity incidents can become a legal minefield.

To improve protection, CISA to partner with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T and more for cyberdefense initiative


Following up on CCPA, California's privacy law raises risks of legal action and fines over data collection

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