Are the headwinds finally hitting all those ad-based businesses? and other privacy and security news


Meta’s ‘regulatory headwinds’ and adtech’s privacy reckoning cause major value loss:

The NSO story continues:

There are other privacy vulnerabilities:

Website fined by German court for leaking visitor's IP address via Google Fonts - the dynamic linking of web services is a huge and completely opaque privacy hole!

The wrong data privacy strategy could cost you billions -- using differential privacy to eliminate re-identification could be key.

As we’re getting used to having to live with Covid - Apple’s Face ID with a Mask works so well, it might end password purgatory


The big security hack last week: A $320 Million Crypto Hack Sends the DeFi World Reeling

And more vulnerabilities were announced:

Facebook gives non-US users less protection from harmful content to save money: Haugen

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now spots unpatched bugs in iOS and Android devices


Bipartisan action gets results:

And there’s more …

FCC proposal would prevent spam callers from leaving ringless voicemails on your cellphone stopping a huge annoyance

Meanwhile, Europe has not been idle either:

Software defects: German government plans to hold manufacturers liable Pretty much all software EULAs and services terms of service reject the provider’s liability in the case of negligence. – If the German government can pull this off, it would be a revolution!

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