Being watched by technology is inescapable... and other privacy and security news


Ever present surveillance is increasing:

The public push-back on the IRS’ use if face reco seems to succeed

Still, the march of face reco appears to be unstoppable: The Hidden Role of Facial Recognition Tech in Many Arrests

Finding the balance between function and unwanted / unpopular side effects

It appears that almost any innovation can be used for spying: An Optical Spy Trick Can Turn Any Shiny Object Into a Bug


Amazing impact of sloppy software

Naturally, ill intent will cause even more damage

Will the apes be even more bored, or get excited? OpenSea faces $1 million lawsuit over stolen Bored Ape NFTs


Europe proposes rules for fair access to connected device data

Apple’s standoff with Dutch antitrust authority over dating apps’ payments continues

Apple hit with sixth antitrust fine over Dutch dating apps payments

And now even the EU gets involved: EU swipes at Apple snubbing Dutch antitrust enforcement

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