Catching a wave? No, making them with wind energy in Scotland

Ah - a story that connects some of my favorite things: Scotland, sustainability and big devices - in this case, the world's most powerful wind turbine. And making energy (and the planet cleaner) is something I think is very empathetic.

The technology has the ability to generate enough energy to power around 2,000 homes and offset approximately 2,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.
The project, the construction of which started in the second half of 2019, is backed by the Scottish Government with £3.4 million.
Orbital’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Scott said: “The O2 is a remarkable example of British cleantech innovation and the build we have completed here is an inspiring display of what a UK supply chain can achieve if given the opportunity even under the extraordinary pressures of a pandemic.”

Wind is becoming an increasingly powerful energy force: Wind capacity additions rose, despite the pandemic, with gains coming from onshore and offshore.

In case you're wondering, 1 gigawatt could realistically power 300,000 homes.That's pretty considerable. So, with 65 GW in 2020 and a forecast for 68 GW (7.3 GW offshore) in 2021, this is powerful (pardon the second awful pun).

It's expected that 2022 will see the US and ASEAN begin to ramp up, just as China slows and the EU continues to add incremental capacity. (US capacity by state). Policy, incentives and investment will continue to drive this forward on push, and increasing consumer interest will drive it on the pull side.

Smart utilities will increasingly be responsive. Andel and IBM (my employer, opinions are my own) have created a new flexible platform for demand management. The partnership can adjust large energy customers' power consumption in accordance with fluctuating renewable energy sources.

The European early wind adopters - be they on land or sea - are providing examples of what a low carbon future can look like. And the beauty of it is that it's not about sacrificing anything to be green. It's about collaboration, clean good tech and people who care providing the right responses to the system.

I'm even a little bit more hopeful as I sign off. Leave me your comments, ideas and links. I love them - even if you disagree. -c-

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