Check out: which apps take most data? and other privacy and security news


The Surfshark publication Uncovering the Apps That Actually Respect Your Privacy shows for the most important apps which are the most data hungry, and which respect your privacy most. It also shows that it’s possible to provide services without excessive privacy intrusions.

The metaverse will be filled with ‘elves’, monitoring, exploiting, and abusing users. Even before the metaverse is real (?), Meta hit with $3.2 billion class action suit over alleged exploitation of UK Facebook users

Working at home seems to have accelerated an unhappy trend: Be aware: Your company is watching you

The disclosures continue: NSO spyware found targeting journalists and NGOs in El Salvador

It must be complicated: even the European parliament is found to have broken EU rules on data transfers and cookie consents


Illustrating the risks of software-controlled driving, a Hacker Controlled Dozens of Teslas Using a Flaw in Third-Party App

The risks to other apps are increasing as well:

Hmmm… this sounds a bit like magic: No Software Required: Raspberry Pi Uses Electromagnetic Waves to Detect Malware how much malware will it be able to detect?


'TLDR' Bill Would Make a Federal Case Out of Unreadable Terms of Service but would people read them? For people looking to check on terms of service, there is already a web site:

Meta is squarely in the FTCs view:

FCC proposes stricter requirements for reporting data breaches – but will it require companies to take responsibility for them?

A bill to ban geofence and keyword search warrants in New York gains traction – creating at least a low fence between the commercial data swamp and the government

As usual, Google’s policies cause pushback in Europe:

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