Deep packet inspection can erode Internet freedom, and other privacy and security news


Deep packet inspection to control Internet content – while it’s starting in an autocracy, it harbors much broader risks: How Western tech companies are helping Russia censor the Internet. Once technology is used this way, there may be no stopping.

Americans widely distrust Facebook, TikTok and Instagram with their data, poll finds so why are they continuing to contribute their data? The network effects are making it too hard to quit!

Meta is testing a new meta privacy control center across apps, even though Meta / Facbook privacy is an oxymoron.

Alexa is nagging you more because Amazon knows you don’t care about its new features Getting you to use more features more often would get Amazon more data, and make it harder for you to quit!

Beware the Elf on a Shelf, Privacy Watchdogs Warnavoiding to socialize surveillance can make kids more sensitive to privacy

Where will our data go when cookies disappear?It’s just a shell game!


Attacks are getting more sophisticated

But careless service providers don’t help:

Crypto currencies seem to be key targets

There are some ways to protect ourselves: From airport WiFi to ‘juice jacking’: 7 ways to protect your data when traveling

And here’s a completely new type of bloatware: Hard-to-Delete Cryptocurrency Miner Irks Norton 360 Users


After dealing with past exposures FTC settles with data analytics firm after millions of Americans’ mortgage files exposed, trying to get ahead of the game, FTC warns of legal action against organizations that fail to patch Log4j flaw

French regulator fines Google and Facebook a combined $238 million over cookies, while a lot of money for most, for others may be just the cost of doing business

Germany’s antitrust probe of Google products steps up a gear, this is one development to watch!

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