Do you know that your phone isn't recording everything you say? And other security & privacy news


As phones become more powerful, they also become more risky: How To Make Sure Your Phone Isn’t Keeping Recordings of Everything You Say

And social media companies are becoming more aggressive about getting our data. The other day, Airbnb wanted to have a copy of my driver license, and now Google could ask for your licence or passport on YouTube and Google Play in Australia

Some segments of the public support facial recognition use by police — but not all – this begs the question whether the failures and abuse are sufficiently communicated


If standard hardware isn’t secure, what is? Another data-leaking Spectre bug found, smashes Intel, Arm defenses

As we’re using phones for more services, they become prime targets: Phishing attempts against smartphones are on the rise. And those small screens aren't helping

With predictable results: 76,000 online scams taken down after tip-offs to suspicious email reporting service


Data breaches continue to get attentions

as does bad behavior of Big Tech

There was mixed antitrust news:

Will unicorns now have to watch their growth while eyeing an exit? Congressional bills would ban tech mergers over $5 billion

Interesting proposal, but why stop algorithmic amplification just for children? Proposed law in Minnesota would ban algorithms to protect the children

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