Don't believe the disclaimers! You're still being tracked! and other privacy & security news


Some data collection is hidden

and some just vacuums up whatever is out there: Court rules that data scraping is legal in LinkedIn appeal

For an in-depth view of how the data is used, Read the Facebook Papers for Yourself

There appears to be no end to the Pegasus story: Report: NSO Spyware Hit Boris Johnson's Office, Dozens More European Leaders

After face recognition will emotion tracking be the next big thing in surveillance?

Emotion-Tracking Software Could Ding Your Kid for Looking Bored in Math

While we can’t stop to data collection, there are some ways to limit the flow:


Google provided last week’s leading security news:


EU-US data transfers deal could be finalized by end of year, says bloc until the next suit!

Illustrating the complexity of the issue, EU’s digital rule-book reboot could fumble dark patterns ban and trader checks, warns BEUC

GSA looks into facial recognition bias and improving accessibility in federal web services Will they use this teaching moment? The IRS/ debacle: A teaching moment for tech

Sideloading iPhone apps creates a security risk says Apple's Tim Cook, so don't force us to support it Should we leave our security to a private company? If Apple had a better record, this argument might be more persuasive.

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