Emotion recognition opening new privacy risks, and other privacy and security news

Updated: May 17


Surveillance creeping ever further

Other Exposures

Twitter made a game to explain its privacy policy – are they recording “players’” performance?

Facebook is getting rid of some location-tracking features due to ‘low usage’ usage by whom?

There are ways to stem, but not stop, the flood:


NSA Swears It Won't Allow Backdoors in New Encryption Standards yeah, yeah, sure, sure!


While the intent is broadly beneficial - Europe’s CSAM scanning plan unpicked the part that’s killing e-e encryption would have disastrous side effects: “War upon end-to-end encryption”: EU wants Big Tech to scan private messages

The intent for regulating big tech is moving forward on both sides of the Atlantic

Elon Musk gives Europe’s speech platform rules the thumbs up hmmmm, did he actually read it?

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