EU proposing to create AI equivalent of GDRP and more privacy & security news, 4/25/2021


The big news last week was the EU proposal on AI regulation, effectively repeating the GDRP approach for AI: European Commission Proposes Taking Away the Cops' Big Boy Surveillance Machine Not everyone is convinced, though: Europe wants to set the rules for AI. Not everyone thinks it's going to work However, just like GDRP, Europe's Proposed Limits on AI Would Have Global Consequences

Face recognition was in the news, too, with EU’s top data protection supervisor urges ban on facial recognition in public and in the US Senators want to block government agencies from buying Clearview AI data. This did not prevent the FBI from using facial recognition to identify a Capitol rioter from his girlfriend’s Instagram posts

Beyond face recognition, a New privacy bill would end law enforcement practice of buying data from brokers. Expanding the scope of privacy, Supreme Court asked to review case against border device searches

In other regulatory actions, UK’s IoT ‘security by design’ law will cover smartphones too and

Australia, UK, Germany team up to stop big tech's monopoly from soaring


Are we entering a new stage of an international cyberwar? In addition to the two known recent attacks, SolarWinds hack analysis reveals 56% boost in command server footprint and Now this botnet is hunting for unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers there is a new wave of attacks at US government systems: Chinese hackers compromise dozens of government agencies, defense contractors

We saw an incredible variety of new exposures of consumer data:

An indication of the size of the problem is this report: Netacea: Stolen identity sales in criminal marketplace up 250% since 2019

Businesses have not been exempt from attacks, either: Codecov hackers gained access to hundreds of restricted customer networks

In a new approach to ransomware, Apple supplier Quanta Computer confirms it's fallen victim to ransomware attack threatening to expose Apple data. Ransomware is growing at an alarming rate, warns GCHQ chief This causes increasing concerns: Ransomware's perfect target: Why one industry needs to improve cybersecurity, before it's too late

Last week’s announcements of new vulnerabilities again illustrate how unsecure technologies are


Facebook again is in the news about exposing their users’ data, Tool Links Email Addresses to Facebook Accounts in Bulk and rather than fixing the problem, Internal Facebook email reveals intent to frame data scraping as ‘normalized, broad industry issue’ This seems to reflect Zuckerberg’s statement from long ago Privacy no longer a social norm, says Facebook founder It also could be the reason Why WhatsApp Won't Let You Appear Offline

In a new approach to collect biometric data, Amazon is bringing its palm-reading payment tech to Whole Foods stores

Responding to public reactions, User ability to opt-out key in Google FLoC debacle

With the recent public focus on privacy, investment in privacy technologies is increase, let’s see

Who’s funding privacy tech? And Samsung SmartThings update helps prevent unwanted tag-based tracking foreclosing stalking threats.

A fun experiment exposes that Everyone Wants Data Privacy, But No One Reads Privacy Agreements . For more on this issue, check Do consumers actually care about big company data policies?

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