Face recognition by government is ok, but not by business? And other privacy & security news


Concerned about business intrusion into people’s privacy, but less so about government intrusion: Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System

Meta will close a loophole in its doxxing policy in response to the Oversight Board

Apple is struggling to reduce abuse of their products:

How to block tracking pixels in Apple Mail But why have users do the work when Apple could do it for them?


Android appears to represent an even greater risk, though:

To be fair, other significant breaches and risks were published as well


It looks like governments are starting to look at levelling the digital playing fields

Fighting crime doesn't justify mandatory data retention: European Court of Justice – this does not seem to include face recognition data, though (see above)

The next stop in a long saga: EU-US trans-Atlantic data transfers ‘deal in principle’ faces tough legal review

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