Google to allow rejecting tracking cookies, and other privacy and security news


The regulatory pressure appears to have some effect on Google:

Still, in the end it these are probably just whack-a-mole actions

Twitter changing hands could open up great new privacy risks: Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy Exposes a Privacy Minefield, As the EU warns Elon Musk that Twitter must follow local content rules to avoid ban. It will be interesting to see his reaction!

The metaverse creates another set of (mostly) unanticipated consequences: Here’s why we’re about to see an explosion of hyperreal artificial humans online Now is it time to Get ready for your evil twin

Proving the effectiveness of their products, A Surveillance Firm Reportedly Tracked NSA and CIA Spies as a Product Demo This must have been fun to watch!

One more finger in the dike: DuckDuckGo’s browsers and extensions now protect against AMP tracking


Every innovation drives another one: Bored Ape Yacht Club's Instagram compromised in $2.4 million NFT phishing scam

Android security: Flaw in an audio codec left two-thirds of smartphones at risk of snooping, say researchers


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