In a stunning sting, FBI operates encrypted app for criminal operations


In a stunning sting, The FBI operated an 'encrypted' chat app for organized criminals, resulting in arrests of hundreds thanks to fake app, but experts predict emergence of more encrypted chat services. While shutting down a large number of criminal operations, The FBI's Anom Stunt Rattles the Encryption Debate, in fact, some people think The AN0M fake secure chat app may have been too clever for its own good

Illustrating that Bitcoin is less anonymous than many thought, DOJ recovers 63.7 Bitcoins paid out in Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Considering the fact that The cost of ransomware attacks worldwide will go beyond $265 billion in the next decade though, this is a drop in the bucket.

In new attacks on government operations, Constituent platform used by Congress hit with ransomware as NYC faces legal department hack

In private industry, the announcements of new breaches are relentless.

New ways of spreading malware are emerging: This data and password-stealing malware is spreading in an unusual way

This infographic gives an overview of Ten years of breaches in one image. And once a site has been breached, This is how fast a password leaked on the web will be tested out by hackers


Once a Big Tech has personal data, they won’t let it go easily: Is there any way out of Clearview’s facial recognition database? Not likely, and Clearview is not the only such data base. In some cases, even your neighbors may have contribute your images: Ring refuses to say how many users had video footage obtained by police

In an attempt to reduce the damage its search algorithm causes, Google will update its search algorithm to discourage slander extortion schemes

The fact that Google's Workplace suite is now free and available to anyone shows that the value of the data collected is greater than the cost to run the services!

The cookie wars are sending rather confusing messages. Europe needs to back browser-level controls to fix cookie consent nightmares, says privacy group At the same time, The demise of browser cookies could create a Golden Age of digital marketing


As the antitrust discussion in DC ramps up, House lawmakers introduce five bipartisan bills to unwind tech monopolies

After getting caught in France, Google to adapt its ad technology after France hands it a $267 million fine, trying to prevent a repeat in the UK, Google to work with UK regulators on its big ad-tracking shakeup

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