It's not just Apple, the EU also wants to scan devices! And other security and privacy news


It’s not just Apple, the EU also is considering client side scanning, but many people see Client-side content scanning as an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy. If you want to know more, here’s an analysis by leaders in the security and privacy field: Bugs in our Pockets: The Risks of Client-Side Scanning

Beyond this high-profile case, there are other invasions:

Facilitating new surveillance methods,

With all this invasive technology, it’s really amazing that Americans Have Faith in Tech Companies, Despite All the Evidence That They Shouldn't

Naturally, people in other countries are exposed as well: Moscow metro launches facial recognition payment system despite privacy concerns


Olympus confirms US cyberattack, weeks after BlackMatter ransomware hit EMEA systems and Acer confirms second cyberattack in 2021 after ransomware incident in March

confirming once more that Ransomware is the biggest cyber threat to business. But most firms still aren't ready for it. And it’s not likely to get better:

In other hacks, Microsoft Fends Off 2.4Tbps DDoS Attack, Second Largest on Record. More broadly, Software supply chain breaches are ‘staggeringly high,’ report finds

Again, new vulnerabilities for consumers became public:

Some of these vulnerabilities are even created by government: Missouri Gov. Goes After Reporter Who Found Shockingly Bad Flaw in State Website

However, there was also quite a bit of good security news last week:

Trying to address security issues globally, US invites friends to multilateral cybersecurity meetings – Russia and China strangely absent


In anti-trust news, Senate bill would prevent tech companies from favoring their products over rivals, and Pressure mounts on Amazon and App Store discrimination in new bill

Social media again was the target of some announcements:

Giving Facebook and almost-free pass, Irish regulators support Facebook's 'consent bypass' legal maneuver, suggest $42 million fine for GDPR violations

Entering a new space, US regulator targets Tesla on NDAs, over-the-air software updates

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