Microsoft will watch over your keyboard, and other privacy and security news


Microsoft's chilling new update may frighten everyone who thinks they're funny – the new compliance enforcement in their offerings feels definitely Orwellian.

As usual, Meta is in the middle of many privacy discussions:

Feeling the pressure from Apple, Google is looking to change its approach, but Google's New Plan for Android Privacy Doesn't Sound All That Private

This recommendation feels like taking on an oxymoron: Chief Marketing Officers should engage in consumer data privacy initiatives

Why did the New York Time buy Wordle? Now we know: Wordle Is Watching You!

The feds don’t seem to be able to make up their minds:'s Remaining Federal Contracts Are in Danger


Every software innovation opens up new risks: Scam artists swindle NFTs worth 'millions' in OpenSea phishing attack

Remote working has its own risks


Senate online safety bill gives children more control over social media – will kids use it?

Looking to address a related problem California’s strict child-data bill would limit Big Tech data collection

The Open Apps Market Act could open up a Pandora’s box. To protect consumers, Congress should secure the app store supply chain

And in Europe

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