Not all privacy promises are what they appear..., and other privacy and security news


Last week, there was some bad news, and some not so bad news about consumer tracking, Let’s have the bad news first

And now the not so bad news, which is really mixed news, taking a closer look:

This Could Be the End for Surveillance Giant NSO Group - publications and some financial problems finally catching up with them.

Pushing further, It’s time for democracies to protect dissidents from spyware

TOR, the Onionrouter, one of the most securely ways to access the Internet privately, is coming under attack:


From the department of unintended consequences: Car Thieves Are Using AirTags to Track Vehicles

Is VPOTUS Bluetooth-phobic or sensible? The answer's pretty clear using Bluetooth headphones in public can have security risks.

Researchers Share New Attacks on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Chips – require compromising chips rather than just listening to transmissions, tho.

As should be pretty transparent by now:


Regulatory news activity was pretty slow last week:

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