Now, we'll get voice deep fakes, and other privacy and security news


Amazon, just say no: The looming horror of AI voice replication As service providers use voice for identity verification, this opens a whole new can of worms!

How did a rental startup I’d never heard of leak my home address? You didn’t check the ToS on the landlord’s website!

The post-Roe data privacy nightmare is way bigger than period tracking apps

Google closes data loophole amid privacy fears over abortion ruling and how many other holes for data leaks are they leaving open?

Privacy Advocates Lambast Virginia for Ditching Police Facial Recognition Ban It’s hard to put the toothpaste back into the tube!

Firefox can now automatically remove tracking from URLs reducing the data leaking at least a little bit!


The latest weekly leaks:

· OpenSea users' email addresses leaked in data breach

· Gun Database Breach Leaks Details on Thousands of Owners

And the latest vulnerabilities:

· Microsoft: This Android malware will switch off your Wi-Fi, empty your wallet

· Kaspersky Reveals a Backdoor Targeting Organizations Around the World


Again, a lot of the action is in Europe. First, protecting consumers:

· Google’s ‘deceptive’ account sign-up process targeted with GDPR complaints

· Amazon agrees to drop Prime cancellation ‘dark patterns’ in Europe

And then, regulating the crypto markets: Crypto traceability and market rules agreed by EU lawmakers

The UK wants to have it both ways on biometrics: UK urgently needs new laws on use of biometrics, warns review but until then, UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards

In the US, FTC hammers Walmart over years of ‘facilitating’ money transfer scams

Odds and ends

This co-worker does not exist: FBI warns of deepfakes interviewing for tech jobs Are virtual co-workers the start of the metaverse?

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