Ransomware attackers are evolving their methods


Ransomware continues to find new kinds of victims

and it’s doing this by evolving its methods

Have we reached peak ransomware? How the internet's biggest security problem has grown and what happens next. In the end, ransomware works because too many organizations pay up!

The fall out of the Solarwinds is not going away: Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers The business impact is big enough that the SEC is probing SolarWinds clients over cyber breach disclosures

As usual, a great diversity of new vulnerabilities has been newly published

An emerging vector are supply chain attacks: Hackers are trying to attack big companies. Small suppliers are the weakest link

Illustrating the order of magnitude of the problem here are The Biggest Hacks of 2021 (So Far) and with the Average time to fix critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities is 205 days it’s no wonder the problem is so big!

In addition, researching the vulnerabilities is being hindered, as Cybersecurity firms battle DMCA rules over good-faith research


In a surprising turn, US Ranks Second in the World for Employee Surveillance after

the unexpected leader: Sweden!

Ever increasing encroachment of advertising, This Company Is Putting Face-Tracking Ad Tablets in the Back of Ubers

After great hopes of their imminent demise, the End of Cookies Is Coming Later than We Thought


The EU privacy juggernaut keeps moving: EU data regulators call for facial recognition ban in public spaces, and going even beyond that, want to Ban biometric surveillance in public to safeguard rights

Looking to assure compliance, EU puts out final guidance on data transfers to third countries

In anti-trust news, EU launches antitrust probe into Google banning third-party cookies in Chrome and the UK antitrust watchdog investigating Amazon and Google over fake reviews

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