Ransomware attacks continue, now getting government interest


After Solarwinds and Hafnium, now we have even bigger supply chain attack using Kaseya software:

The size and scope of this attack finally got the US government involved: Biden Launches Federal Probe Into International Ransomware Attack That Hit 1,000+ Companies

And it’s not that the previous supply chain attacks are over: SolarWinds Hackers Continue Assault With New Microsoft Breach as Ransomware gangs are taking aim at 'soft target' industrial control systems

The ever-increasing attacks are driving broad changes in the IT security environment:

While some defensive technologies emerge

in practice, they’re never enough.

Beyond commercial ransomware, governments are continuing their hacking attacksL

While a lot of the big news was about attacks on businesses and governments, vulnerabilities of consumer technologies, and attacks on consumers continue unabated:

· Attackers use ‘offensive AI’ to create deepfakes for phishing campaigns


The most significant and least well publicized issue with privacy with consumer devices: the personal data they store are very hard to erase: Thinking about selling your Echo Dot—or any IoT device? Read this first

The news about face recognition continues to be mixed, with the government not sure being what to do:


Several significant regulatory announcements came out of the German government:

In addition, Dutch court will hear another Facebook privacy lawsuit


In a new approach we’ll start to look at anti-trust issues the seeing lots of public discussion:

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