Samsung protecting data on phones! and other security & privacy news


Leading with good news today: Samsung has a new feature that will hide your pics during a phone repair it can be done, and hopefully will be a competitive advantage!

For others, data collection proves to be irresistible:

And that includes the government

Sometimes, publicity helps: Kmart halts use of in-store facial recognition amid Australian privacy investigation

We still can dream! Who owns your data? Re-imagining data management for Web3


US federal court system attacked by 'hostile foreign actors' in 2020 security breach

The US Department of Justice is currently investigating the issue. What took so long?

Inside TikTok's Attempts to ‘Downplay the China Association’ - will we ever find out the truth?

And here, the usual hacks of the week:


Senate bill aims to restore net neutrality, including throttling safeguards and they are even trying to be short about it: US net neutrality bill is only two pages long. And that's potentially a good thing

We're likely only seeing 'the tip of the iceberg' of Pegasus spyware use against the US – and of other spyware as well! So now, Blacklist and Bankrupt Abusive Spyware Makers, Researchers Tell Congress -- are there any non-abusive spyware makers?

Federal Privacy Law Has Momentum, but There’s a Catch – as usual

Odds and ends

What does Tim Hortons think your data is worth? A coffee and donut, apparently

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