Service providers are leaking data, what a surprise! and other privacy and security news


More spyware escapes Pandora’s box: Researchers say Hermit, a powerful mobile spyware, is used by governments

Is it just careless, or do they just think they can get away with it?

Hospital websites are sending medical information to Facebook

Tracking protection should be the default, everywhere: Firefox enables its anti-tracking feature by default


The general state of software … A hacked Kaiser Permanente employee’s emails led to breach of 70,000 patient records

Plenty of new vulnerabilities

· FBI warns crypto fraud on LinkedIn is a 'significant threat'

· This new Android malware bypasses multi-factor authentication to steal your passwords

· Most Intel, AMD Processors Vulnerable to New Hertzbleed Attack

· This phone-wiping Android banking trojan is getting nastier


Looks like some progress, finally: Congress might finally have a deal on data privacy

Motivated by clear and concrete damage of privacy violations, Senate considers ban on data brokers selling health and location info

Senator Presses Amazon to Disclose Just How Creepy Ring Cameras Can Be Sounds like a good question!

As usual, there’s quite a bit of action in Europe:

· EU's stricter disinformation guidelines get support from Google, Meta and Twitter

· Germany’s antitrust watchdog latest to probe Apple’s app privacy framework

· Apple's Pro-Privacy Stance is Anti-Competition, German Regulator Says

· UK wants to replace cookie pop-ups with browser-based opt-outs

Odds and ends

This PC orchestra, built from 512 floppy disk drives, is wondrous to hear and behold

Is Your TV Still Playing Ads When It’s Turned Off?

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