The great disconnect about consumer privacy, and other privacy and security news


More proof of the great privacy disconnect

An interesting example of finding information by cross-linking data from leaks with public data: Data leak from Russian delivery app shows dining habits of the secret police

Tax Apps Collect Your Data: How Worried Should You Be? After all, we’re trusting them with our financial data!

Google is testing its new Privacy Sandbox settings in Chrome in the never-ending quest for our data


UK police charge two teens in connection with Lapsus$ hacking group case

But still A Hacker Gang's Alleged Members Are in Jail. It's Still Stealing Data.

Illustrating the broad set of vulnerabilities

On the plus side of the security whack-a-mole game, Apple's latest iOS and macOS updates patch two zero-day vulnerabilities


The proposed EU laws could have wide effects, some intended and some unintended:

More on Apple’s app store woes

Google is facing its own problems

Finally, FTC sues Intuit over TurboTax's "bait-and-switch" free filing ads

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