The metaverse is looking to monetize the things you imagine, and other privacy and security news


The metaverse, capturing the things we imagine, will be the The next privacy crisis

The encroachments on our privacy are proceeding apace

The commercial motivation is clear: Apple's Privacy Policy Cost Snap, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube an Estimated $9.85 Billion in Revenue Naturally, this is value consumers provided to those companies for without being compensated.

To get some money back, US Citizens Sue Company That Processes Billions of Texts For Exposing Their Data

As Mozilla Firefox joins browsers implementing Global Privacy Control, the real question is whether the web sites honor the “do not track” requests.

Illustrating how carefully they vet their users, Facebook verified a fan page posing as Elon Musk


Surprisingly, no major new ransomware attacks were announced last week, despite the fact that It's a 'golden era' for cyber criminals - and it could get worse before it gets better and the claim that Ransomware has proliferated because it's 'largely uncontested', says GCHQ boss

While The SolarWinds Hackers Are Looking for Their Next Big Score the defenders showed significant successes:

In other hacks,

Reports on the state of IT security showed a surprising lack of commitment:

We’ll see lots more violations going forward!

On the positive side, Google Patches 2 Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Days

Not all problems, though, are the result of attacks: KT clarifies routing error caused outage instead of DDoS attack


The different approach to privacy between the US and the EU seems to defy a solution: Data transfers between the EU and the US: Still unclear on what you're supposed to do? Here's an explainer

Coming down on the side of consumers,

Seagate violated sanctions by selling hard drives to Huawei, says Senate committee

Finally, China's personal data protection law kicks in today It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.

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