The stealthy iPhone hacks that Apple can't seem to stop, and other security and privacy news


Last week had news about some very serious hacks:

Even more concerning, the breadth of vulnerabilities reported is staggering

The potential impact is huge

Biden tells top CEOs at White House summit to step up on cybersecurity. One proposal is To prevent cyberattacks, the government should limit the scope of a software bill of materials

In a final piece of curious good news, Crypto heist hacker returns all $610 million they stole


Let us count the ways in which consumer data is collected, traded, and used

Federal government to expand use of facial recognition despite growing concerns

Samsung Can Remotely Disable Any of Its TVs Worldwide. The claimed purpose is to defeat use of stolen TVs. Uncontrollable actions on connected by manufacturers opens a whole new Pandora’s box, though.


AI Weekly: Algorithmic discrimination highlights the need for regulation.

As China proposes strict control of algorithmsit’s not clear that limiting discrimination is the objective.

Move fast and break Facebook: A bull case for antitrust enforcement

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