The US Government is joining the fight against ransomware!


With the ransomware news accelerating

and the impact broadening

the US government steps into the fight

Here’s help to reduce the risk

The security risks are not just from ransomware: Chinese cybercriminals spent three years creating a new backdoor to spy on governments, raising the question who is really behind this.

As it’s difficult to understand all the vulnerabilities, even simple activities can lead to very serious leaks: US soldiers reportedly leaked nuclear info online accidentally, by using flashcard apps


The lists of privacy encroaching technologies and services is ever expanding

Which leads to the point that even big tech is starting to recognize the problem and is pulling back a little:

Even Google is making it harder for Android apps to track you once you’ve opted out. However, it may be difficult to opt out in the first place:Google reportedly made it harder to find Android privacy settings

Government is pushing back too:

Why does it matter? Here are some informed discussions:


As is becoming expected, regulation is moving forward in Europe:

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