Vaiaro - Captn - autonomous ferries

I wanted to write a whole post on this but even more than that, I wanted to share it with you. It's not just beautiful but I love the fact that the designers created a full experience:

The CAPTN mobility chain is composed of six phases: a decision-making phase and a preparation phase in the run-up to the actual trip, in which the passenger deals with the concrete requirements regarding the preparation of his mobility segment (trip), followed by three mobility phases for the execution of the trip, which are to be considered independently of each other but are mutually dependent if different means of transport are used in combination, and a follow-up trip phase with the possibilities for planning the follow-up trip as a transition to the next phase 1 of the mobility chain.

More to come. Just trying to get these out more quickly. I will strive to be more like my excellent colleague, Martin, in curating them soon.

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