When wheeled spies are not enough, drones can do the job, and other privacy & security news


The big privacy news last week was about Amazon’s Astro: Amazon Astro: What If Wall-E but Evil? Amazon's $1,000 personal robot promises to patrol your home with cameras and Alexa. What could go wrong? For more information, Leaked Documents Show How Amazon’s Astro Robot Tracks Everything You Do. As if wheeled spies are not enough, Ring’s security drone could be flying in your home soon and be more invasive. This leaves us with the question: Alexa, Ring, and Astro: Where's my privacy, Amazon?

We all want to know How to find and remove spyware from your phone However, we need to find the right way. That 'anti-NSO Pegasus spyware' download is actually a Trojan – so don't touch it


In serious escalations, hackers now are attacking hospitals

As Police arrest two in operation against 'prolific' gang that targeted big businesses, the crooks are also turning against each other: Ransomware gangs are complaining that other crooks are stealing their ransoms

As usual, we found out about a variety of hacks and leaks:

In addition to enterprise security vulnerabilities …

… some serious vulnerabilities in consumer software became public

With the increasing attention of cyber risks, the government starts to become active

While it’s not know yet what took Facebook down: Major global outage drags on this has some unexpected security consequences: the failure stopped the badge entry system to work. Engineers can’t enter the buildings to fix things!


The FCC got busy last week:

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