Will WhatsApp accounts turn Zombies? and other security and privacy news


Whenever new technologies are available, they come with new privacy exposures:

Using customer data, Vizio makes nearly as much money from ads and data as it does from TVs. Will the 2-sided business model originated for search be rich enough to give us free TVs?


The big news security news this week was the Colonial ransomware hack. It’s so important that it received a special edition of the security and privacy news! However, there was plenty of other important security news.


While this has happened some time ago, it’s disappointing, to say the least, that Apple Execs Chose to Keep a Hack of 128 Million iPhones Quiet In a more recent case, Short seller says Lemonade website bug exposed insurance customers’ account data. Having made attacks possible, Group pleads guilty to running bulletproof hosting service for criminal gangs, malware payloads


Apple Airtags, just released, have already been hacked: Security researcher successfully jailbreaks an Apple AirTag. In addition, people have found out how AirTags Can Be Used To Figure Out When a House Is Empty

In other consumer exposures, Microsoft warns: Watch out for this new malware that steals passwords, webcam and browser data and New Android malware targeting banks in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. For home exercisers, Echelon exposed riders’ account data, thanks to a leaky API While it requires to be within WiFi range, WiFi vulnerability may leave millions of devices open to 'frag attacks'

In enterprise computing, the Solarwinds and Hafnium attacks are still causing trouble: Lemon Duck hacking group adopts Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities in new attacks and SolarWinds breach exposes hybrid multicloud security weaknesses

To improve security, at home and in business, Adopting zero trust architecture can limit ransomware’s damage


The regulations news last week was light, as usual coming out of Europe: German Regulator Tells Facebook to Stop Processing WhatsApp User Data and the UK publishes draft Online Safety Bill

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