With face recognition, the horses appear to have left the barn, and other privacy & security news


The big story last week was the use of face reco by the federal government. The story around ID.Me is still confusing:

And that’s not all:

Senator letter claims a secret CIA surveillance program is bulk collecting data

On the commercial side, we’re seeing potential privacy improvements

As we all know, Chrome is very aggressive about data collection. There are options: Best browser for privacy 2022: Secure web browsing


The breadth of vulnerabilities never ceases to amaze:

Looking to reduce the risks, Google has auto enrolled 150 million users in 2-step verification with happy results: Google says default 2FA cut account breaches in half


Congress is keeping busy on the digital front. As usual, there are potential wins:

and potential losses:

Initiatives to watch!

And there’s lots of activity in Europe as well:

Meta clarifies stance on pulling Facebook and WhatsApp out of Europe So is it just posturing? Departing from the European market surely would hit their bottom line!

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