You may not be as paranoid as you think, and other privacy and security news


Again, there are many new attempts to invade consumers’ privacy:

Here are some push-backs from against the data omnivores:


It’s really important to check what you download:

And from the department of unintended (though not necessarily unexpected) side effects:

Pegasus spyware used to hack U.S. diplomats working abroad If the US govt can’t protect their people, who can?

Facebook is making two-factor mandatory for high-risk accounts but thankfully others can sign up, too!

Shopping online? FBI says beware of these holiday scams and phishing threats


US will work with allies to limit the export of surveillance tools to authoritarian governments, but at the same time, US government agencies bought Chinese surveillance tech despite federal ban

EU warns adtech giants over ‘legal tricks’ as it moots changes to centralize privacy oversight

EU lawmakers agree data reuse rules to foster AI and R&D, not everybody is satisfied, though:

Europe’s AI Act falls far short on protecting fundamental rights, civil society groups warn

The Australian Government Has Declared a War on Trolls which raises the question whom the government will designate as a troll!

Notice to regular readers: To improve focus, this blog will now spotlight news likely to impact or be of interest to ordinary users. There's little most people can do about ransomware and other enterprise security issues.

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