Your doctor's office may share your check-in data, and other privacy and security news


Tracking extends far beyond simple browsing:

When you least expect it: New Research Suggests Always-On Bluetooth Could Be Used to Track Your Phone


The weekly list of big hacks:

Tesla to customers: you’re the testers! Gone in 130 seconds: New Tesla hack gives thieves their own personal key

US: Chinese govt hackers breached telcos to snoop on network traffic what else have they invaded?

After spectre, another major hardware architecture hole: MIT researchers uncover ‘unpatchable’ flaw in Apple M1 chips

Closing the barn doors ;-) Massive Internet Identity Theft Marketplace Shut Down by Feds

Apple Just Killed the Password—for Real This Time – how many lives do passwords have? More than cats?


Tech antitrust is facing its biggest challenge yet in the Senate – let’s see whether this goes through!

Here’s another set of potential remedies: John Oliver exposes how Google and Amazon stifle competition

Europe, as usual, appears to be more proactive:

The fines have to be big enough to be effective: Apple Racked Up Over $50M in Fines Before Conceding to Dutch Regulators

Odds and ends

NASA assembles a UFO research team to study ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’

How a Saxophonist Tricked the KGB by Encrypting Secrets in Music

U.S. court will soon rule if AI can legally be an ‘inventor’

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